Best Bitcoin IRA Companies 

One of the key ways to strengthen your retirement account is to make sure it is properly diversified. One interesting way to do so is by adding an investment like Bitcoin to your IRA. 

While it’s certainly true that today’s markets are volatile when compared to those in years past, finding a way to make sure that you have a diverse set of investments in your IRA is a great way to ensure that you’ll be able to weather any financial storms. Choosing to use any number of cryptocurrencies as a hedge against market problems is often an excellent way to give yourself the safety net that you need. 

As you might imagine, adding cryptocurrencies to your IRA isn’t as easy as just deciding to invest in Bitcoin. You’ll need to make sure that the company with which you work has a certain level of expertise in managing cryptocurrency investments, to say nothing of the security expertise needed to protect said investments. As such, we’ve compiled a solid list of suitable Bitcoin IRAs that can help you to find the type of company with which you may want to work. 

We have chosen a shortlist of companies based on four factors – their experience in the field, the expertise displayed by the company, the fees charged, and the security offered. We have also included a list of frequently asked questions to help users learn a bit more about this entire process. 


What Are Bitcoin IRAs?

A Bitcoin IRA is a specialized investment tool that allows you to add cryptocurrency to your retirement fund. These IRAs exist to allow investors a chance to get into the cryptocurrency game without having to directly purchase the currencies themselves while also allowing them to comply with IRS directives that treat cryptocurrencies as a type of property rather than as a type of currency. 

Like Precious Metal IRAs, Bitcoin IRAs are usually overseen by a custodian that will undertake the bulk of the work of managing the account. These custodians play a role in helping their clients buy and trade cryptocurrencies, find storage solutions, and determine how they’d like to direct their accounts as they grow. 

How Do I Select a Bitcoin IRA Company?

Choosing a good Bitcoin IRA company means keeping a few factors in mind. The most significant factor for most will be the experience that the company has in cryptocurrency, but many also put a premium on knowing that the company provides excellent security. It’s generally a good idea to look for a company with experience in managing general IRAs, as there are specific rules that have to be followed for these accounts. 

We tend to look at security as the most crucial factor for finding a good Bitcoin IRA company. Given that any currency or federal insurance doesn’t back up these investments, it’s very easy to foresee a scenario in which a person could lose all of their assets. The more safety the company can provide its users, the better. 

We also think that it’s important to consider fees when you’re looking at Bitcoin IRAs. Most companies will charge several different fees, ranging from basic administrative fees to holding fees based on the value of an individual’s investments. You must know exactly what you’re paying for when you work with one of these companies. 

Are These Type of Investments Safe?

In all honesty, cryptocurrency trading does come with some genuine risks. With that said, many major investors feel comfortable with cryptocurrencies and seem to believe that risk is simply part of the investment world. Given that there are risks involved with trading in anything from stocks to property, it’s not surprising that there are risks associated with this type of trading. 

You can, however, lessen your risks by working with a company that’s experienced in this field. A good Bitcoin IRA company with great security and excellent customer service can help you make better investment choices and keep those investments safe. 

What Are Their Main Benefits?

The key benefit of investing in cryptocurrencies is that doing so allows you to spread your risks across multiple types of investments. The more types of investments that you have, the less of an issue you’ll have if one market suddenly experiences an unexpected downturn. 

Our Selection Process for Bitcoin IRA Custodians

While our final list only has three companies on it, we actually started with around a dozen different Bitcoin IRA companies. The factor that we weighed most heavily in our final decision was the amount of experience that the companies had in dealing with IRA management and cryptocurrencies and dealing with alternative types of investments in general. We also weighed security very heavily since we know that most consumers care quite a bit about the safety of their assets. Our final criterion was fee structure – it was important to us that the companies we recommend had reasonable fees that wouldn’t unduly interfere with consumers’ savings. 

3 Top Rated


1. BitIRA

With a significant focus on security and a reasonably well-established presence, BitIRA is a company that stands out. It does require a five thousand dollar deposit to open an IRA. You’ll have to work with a digital currency specialist to do so, but working with the company gives you access to six of the most influential cryptocurrencies on the market today.  

One of the major selling points of this company is that it offers unlimited insurance on client accounts. The company also has a one million dollar cybersecurity insurance policy and a one million dollar consumer protection policy, really helping to sell the fact that it does care about what happens to its clients’ investments. 

The company even focuses on transaction security, with multi-encryption encoding being used as the norm for transactions. In fact, they even ensure that physical keys are kept safe by moving them to nuclear bunkers guarded by armed guards for added security. 

The fee structure for the company is, however, surprisingly low. With a setup fee of fifty dollars and a .05 percent monthly storage fee, and a one hundred ninety-five dollar yearly maintenance fee, it manages to have one of the lowest overall investing costs on the market. 


 – The company has fantastic physical security. 

 – It is hard to beat the insurance that BitIRA provides for its clients. 

 – The company uses excellent end-to-end security for all transactions. 


 – Clients have to meet with a specialist to open an account. 

2. Regal Assets

Perhaps better known for working with precious metals investments, Regal Assets has been in the cryptocurrency game since 2017. The company stands out as the organization that offers the most varied slate of potential crypto investments, counting fourteen different coins among its products. 

Regal Assets is also the most expensive of our three top picks to work with, with an initial investment of twenty-five thousand dollars required – a number that can be somewhat softened by rolling over an existing IRA. Like BitIRA, the company also requires that you work with a specialist to open an account. 

Where the company sets itself apart, though, is in the realm of experience. Regal Assets was the first firm to get a cryptocurrency trading license, and it has been working in alternative investments for years. While getting to work with Regal Investments costs a lot up front, it’s also one of the few companies that charge a flat-rate fee – just one hundred dollars a year for administration and one-hundred-fifty dollars a year for storage. 


 – The company offers the most varied slate of cryptocurrencies of any Bitcoin IRA company. 

 – Regal Assets charges a flat fee for administration and storage. 

 – The company will insure up to two hundred fifty million dollars worth of assets. 


 – Regal Assets does require a very hefty initial investment. 

 – Clients can only open accounts after meeting with a specialist. 

3. Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA might be the company most responsible for starting the trend of having investors put money into Bitcoin IRAs. It’s currently the biggest name in the field and the only one on our list to offer 24/7 trading. The company is also the company that has embraced being online, even offering their customers a chance to set up and manage their accounts entirely on the web. 

The company also provides stellar security. With many systems claimed to be ‘military-grade,’ it certainly goes the extra mile to ensure that its customers get what they need. This, combined how easy it is setting up an account, really takes away some of the uncertainty that can come with this more novel form of investment. 

Bitcoin IRA is also a standout in terms of pricing. While the company might not offer the most cryptocurrency investments (nine against Regal Assets’ fourteen), it only requires its customers to invest three thousand dollars in opening an account. The company also has a one hundred dollar option called a Saver IRA, which allows customers to put down an initial investment of one hundred dollars followed by monthly investments of one hundred dollars. 

Unfortunately, the company’s low barrier of entry doesn’t extend to fees. While the company doesn’t publicly post its fee structure, customers have reported that it charges an initial fee of ten to fifteen percent of a customer’s first investment, plus two hundred and forty dollars each year. The company also charges a five percent fee for buying assets and a one percent fee for selling them, making them quite an expensive organization with which customers can work. 


 – The company makes it very easy to set up an account and start trading. 

 – Bitcoin IRA has great offline secure storage. 

 – The company offers up to one hundred million dollars in insurance. 


 – Bitcoin IRA has by far the highest fees on our list. 

Final Verdict

Technically speaking, you don’t have to have an IRA to invest in cryptocurrencies. If you want to hold onto your currencies safely, though, you should definitely think about opening one of these accounts. 

If you are going to open an IRA, we have found BitIRA to be the best of the best. Not only does it have a relatively low barrier to entry, but it also has an excellent security setup. Bitcoin IRA might be easier to work with, but it has much more expensive fees. Regal Assets might offer more choices, but it does have a high barrier to entry. All three of these companies are great, though, and your ultimate choice between the three will definitely leave you working with a company that can help you grow your investments.

Best Crypto IRA Companies

An IRA can be an incredible tool for preparing for your retirement. Not only does this instrument give you a better way to invest, but it gives you the freedom to do it your way. If you’re looking for something that provides a little more diversity, though, you may not find exactly what you need when you’re looking at a more traditional IRA. 

One of the hottest types of investments today is cryptocurrency. If you are looking to invest towards your retirement, though, you won’t get what you need from your traditional IRA. Instead, you’ll need an IRA that is designed to help you manage, protect, and invest in cryptocurrencies. We’ve spent time looking at various crypto-friendly IRAs to figure out which IRAs will be the best fit for most investors. 

 Before we get there, though, it’s best to answer a few basic questions that many have about this type of investing. 

How Do Crypto IRAs Work?

Crypto IRAs are exactly what they sound like – particular types of IRAs that allow individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. More specifically, these IRAs follow IRS rules by providing custodians to manage the cryptocurrencies themselves – currencies that are technically classified as taxable properties. 

These IRAs are special tools that allow investors to trade cryptocurrencies as they wish and store their investments securely. They work very similarly to Gold IRAs and fill a similar gap in the investment market. 

Choosing a Reputable Cryptocurrency IRA Company 

Perhaps the most important things to look at when choosing an IRA crypto company are the fees charged by the company and the security that the company provides. While fees are a given when dealing with any IRA custodian, security is even more critical because of the nature of cryptocurrency. 

There’s quite a bit to consider when you’re looking at fees, though. There aren’t just administrative fees – there are also storage fees, trading fees, and other fees that can make investing less profitable. As such, investors must look at what they’re going to pay before choosing a specific company with which to work. 

What About Safety?

Many people think that any form of cryptocurrency is inherently unsafe. Risk is absolutely part of investing, of course, but good IRA companies do all that they can to make sure that those risks are mitigated. The best IRA companies make sure that all data stored with them is physically secured and secured via encryption. 

What Are the Main Benefits?

The main benefit of a crypto IRA is that it allows individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies and add them to their retirement portfolios. At the end of the day, cryptocurrencies are simply relatively novel forms of investment that can provide a bit of diversity to a portfolio and thus can play an essential role in helping people to hedge against any significant changes in the economy as they prepare to retire. 

How We Evaluated The Best Companies

Our process for choosing the best crypto IRA companies was reasonably straightforward. We started by looking at companies we already knew had experience managing IRAs, then looked at those who also had experience managing other types of assets like cryptocurrencies and precious metals. 

From there, we started looking at the security capabilities of various companies. It’s frighteningly plausible that a criminal could easily wipe out an individual’s entire IRA in one fell swoop, so we decided to focus on those companies that would have the best chance of providing the type of security that investors need. 

We also wanted to make sure that any companies we recommended had reasonable fee structures. Holding one of these accounts tends to be more expensive than keeping a traditional IRA, so it was our goal to look for companies that minimized costs where possible. 

Best of the Best


1. BitIRA

BitIRA is one of our top choices because of its security features. With insurance covering your assets dollar for dollar and offline cold storage for your keys, it’s an incredibly safe place to keep your investments. 


 – All cryptocurrency accounts are kept in secure, offline storage. 

 – All cryptocurrencies are backed up with full insurance coverage. 

 – Transactions are kept secure through multi-encryption encoding. 


 – You can’t open an account online; instead, you have to work with a digital currency specialist to get started. 

Established in 2017, BitIRA is one of the leading names in the industry and our top recommended crypto IRA company. With a reputation for providing excellent security for both storage and transactions, it stands out with its fantastic insurance program. The company also offers excellent security at the most vulnerable points of online transactions, with multi-encryption encoding used in all transactions. Private keys can be moved to cold storage offline once they are finished. 

BitIRA’s excellent security measures are all top of the line, which gives them an air of confidence that it’s hard to find elsewhere. With dollar-for-dollar insurance coverage, it’s easy for investors to feel the same way. Though the company requires a minimum five thousand dollar investment to get started, the most significant barrier to entry is that you have to work with a specialist to open your account. Once open, though, you can buy and trade the most popular forms of cryptocurrency and add them all to your portfolio. 

The fee structure for the company is hard to find online, but customers show a relatively straightforward set of costs for which customers will need to prepare. Setting up an account costs fifty dollars, with a one hundred ninety-five dollar maintenance fee assessed every year. Storage costs vary by the amount of money in each account, with the company charging about .05 percent per month to keep your items offline and secure. 


2. Regal Assets

A unique company that allows consumers to invest in both digital and traditional assets, Regal Assets is the best company to work with if you’re looking to invest in a variety of different cryptocurrencies. 


 – Regal Assets users to trade in the most popular cryptocurrencies. 

 – The company’s fees are all charged at a flat rate. 

 – Cryptocurrencies can be insured up to two hundred fifty million dollars. 


 – Regal Assets requires a twenty-five thousand dollar minimum investment.

 – Accounts must be opened with a company representative. 

Regal Assets is one of the better-known firms that allows individuals to invest in so-called alternative assets. The company added crypto to its list of portfolio additions in 2017 and has worked hard to ensure that its crypto offerings are as solid as its offerings in precious metals. This company isn’t one for those who are hesitant to invest, though. Regal Assets requires an initial investment of twenty-five thousand dollars, which must be done with the help of a company representative after filling out an online form. 

Regal Assets is, however, a real trendsetter in the world of cryptocurrencies. The first American company to become licensed in crypto trading allows its customers to invest in virtually any cryptocurrency that catches their eyes. Regal Assets also has a unique flat fee structure, which requires customers to pay two-hundred and fifty dollars a year – one hundred dollars for administration and one-hundred-fifty for storage. 


3. Coin IRA

 A company that manages to do it all, Coin IRA provides excellent storage options, a one hundred million dollar insurance ceiling, and trading around the clock. 


 – Coin IRA is straightforward to set up and use. 

 – The company provides excellent offline security. 

 – Users can insure up to one hundred million dollars of digital assets. 


 – The company’s setup and maintenance fees are pretty pricey. 

The first company to allow individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies through their IRAs, Coin IRA is a trendsetter. It is very easy to use and supportive of users that want to take total control of their accounts; there’s a reason this company is named in our top 3.

Unlike most other IRA companies, Coin IRA makes it very easy to set up your account and trade. You can setup an account in just a few minutes on the company’s website, and trading usually starts within a few days of a user’s first deposit. The company currently allows users to trade nine different types of cryptocurrency, including BTC and Ethereum, with a three thousand dollar deposit minimum necessary for users to get started. 

The company’s also very security conscious, with excellent encryption on its trading platform and offline storage for digital assets. It even allows users to insure up to one hundred million dollars in digital assets for once. 

The cost of all this, though, can be high. Customers are expected to pay between ten and fifteen percent of their initial investment’s value up-front as a set-up fee, plus a two-hundred forty dollar custodial fee each year. Users must also deal with a seventy-five dollar asset conversion fee, plus a five percent fee on purchases and a one percent fee on sales. 

Final Verdict

The number of crypto IRA firms out there is multiplying, so it’s more important than ever to figure out which companies are worth your time. It takes a great deal of experience managing assets to keep a client’s retirement safe, so it’s a must to work with those companies that already have proven track records. 

At the moment, BitIRA ranks as the best overall choice because of its ease of use, excellent security, and the ability to trade no matter the time of day. The security features are a significant selling point here, of course, but it’s hard to deny the role that ease of use plays. 

Regal Assets is our second choice, mainly because they offer such a wide range of cryptocurrencies to their clients. This, along with the fact that the company has a great reputation for trading in precious metals, makes it a fantastic choice for those who want to diversify their portfolios.